The Journal of Construction (JOC) is the official journal of the Association of Schools of Construction of Southern Africa. ASOCSA has committed itself to foster excellence in construction communication, scholarship, research, education and practice and the Journal provides this medium to achieve this commitment. There are four issues of refereed Journal of Constructions per year serving all stakeholders and participants in the Construction and Engineering sectors.

The Journal of Construction publishes quality papers written in a conversation style aiming to advance knowledge of practice and science of construction while providing a forum for the interchange of information and ideas on current issues. JOC aims to promote the interface between academia and industry, current and topical construction industry research and practical application by disseminating relevant in-depth research papers, reviews of projects and case studies, information on current research projects, comments on previous contributions, research, innovation, technical and practice notes and developments in construction education policies and strategies. Some issues might be themed by

Topics in JOC include

  • Sustainable Construction
  • Educational and Professional Development
  • Service Delivery / Customer Service
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Legislation and Legulatory Framework
  • Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management
  • Construction Industry Development
  • International Construction
  • Risk Management
  • Housing
  • Construction Related Design Strategies
  • Material, Component and Systems Performance
  • Process Control
  • Alternative and New Technologies
  • Organizational, Management and Resource Issues
  • Human Factors
  • Cost and Life Cycle Issues
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Design, Implementing, Managing and Practicing Innovation;
  • Visualization, Simulation, Innovation, and Strategies.

In order to maintain and ensure the highest quality in JOC, all papers undergo a rigorous system of blind peer review process by acknowledged international experts.

The Journal of Construction is committed to open access for academic work and is, therefore, an open access journal, which means that all articles are available on the internet to all users immediately from the date of publication. This allows for the reproduction of articles, free of charge, for noncommercial use only and with the appropriate citation information. All authors publishing in the Journal of Construction accept these as the terms of publication. Copyright of the content of all articles and reviews remains
with the designated author/s of the article or review. Copyright of the layout and design of Journal of Construction articles and reviews remains with the Journal of Construction and cannot be used in other publications.

Benefits of open access for authors, include:

  • Free access for all users worldwide
  • Authors retain copyright to their work
  • Increased visibility and readership
  • Rapid publication
  • No spatial constraints